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Back home after over a week in the hospital, thanks to a cut that developed into a diabetic ulcer and got infected and led to having it amputated.  Now several weeks of recuperation.
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Pathfinder: Brendan Session 19

Pushed the game up a week, since Brendan is going to the They Might Be Giants concert next Tuesday.  So Frog-Barian Fight Take Two.  Now with clearer understanding of the modifiers for underwater combat.  And the froggos were dispatched, if not quickly, then ably by slumber hexes, lightning and much stabbing and slashing.  But not before they summoned their god, a giant, mutant devilfish.  Who might have eaten Sillius the Wizard, but dimension door is one of the spells that can be cast when grappled.  And thus was the all underwater encounter finished.

Black Panther

I'm still not certain if its as amazing as all the online praise/hype its gotten.  But it definitely is a great movie and not just a Marvel movie.  In fact, outside a few minor call-outs (and the 2nd post credit scene) it could exsist without being tied into the greater MCU while still fitting perfectly within it.  Also I can't say Killmonger is the best Marvel Movie Villain as others are praising.  But Michael B. Jordan does give him an intensity and focus that very much makes him a contender for the top spot.  And that casino fight, followed by the car chase.  Awesome.
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Pathfinder: Brendan Session 18

And lo the random of encounter of Big Old Red Dragon and Even Bigger Older Red Dragon was survived.  Big Red was slain and Even Bigger Red fled the battle.  And thus we arrived at the final dungeon, a paritally submerged ziggurat.  And then much time was spent searching for an entrance.  And then once it was found then did an underwater adventure begin.

And so, after much discussion on how to get to the final dungeon frog/men barbarians were encountered.  And just into the start of the non-surprise round it was realized we'd missed an entire chart of underwater combat affects.  And so the battle was reset to start and it was after 10 and so lo the night was called.

The Post

This was a very good movie with a lot of relevance for current events and politics.  And of all the excellent supporting work, I enjoyed seeing Mr. Show working in the same newsroom.  And yes Streep is great.  On the other hand though, the only way the movie could have been less subtle in pushing Streep/Kay Graham as the Saint of Journalism & Feminism is if they'd had her lit with some kind of halo effect the whole time.
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'18 Birthday Boardgames

Started with Ra, but kept restarting as someone new would arrive.  So after one round (where I lost 7 points and someone else had a giant stack of roll-over tiles AND 26 points) we called it.  Then had an 8-person game of Smarty Party with the 2nd expansion pack where at least I didn't come in last.  Then after most everyone headed home for the night, ended with a 3-person game of the Grizzled, a co-op card game based around the WW1 French trenches, which we unfortunately lost.
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Streaming Watch 1/15 - 1/29

Have been slacking off on doing these, so here is the rest of January.
Tom Segara: Disgraceful.  Good comic, though really only the bit about being from a multigenerational Spanish family and blowing other white dudes minds with his fluent espanol has stuck in my memory.
Grace & Frankie s.4:  The Grace/Frankie bits concentrate more on the difficulties of aging.
DevilMan: CryBaby.  Was that how this thing ended in the original anime?  'Cause What? The? FUCK?
Godzilla - Planet of the Monsters:  Hah hah stupid humans, you thought you were takin' down Big G but it was only Gadzookie.

Schitt's Creek s.1:  Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara are the Roses who are millionaires who have their business manager steal their fortune after not paying their taxes for years.  So the government seizes pretty much all their assets, except for the town they bought as a joke.  So the family has to move into the town of Schitt's Creek.  Funny show.  Even Chris Elliott is good in it.
One Day at a Time s.2:   New romances and more family drama for the rebooted series.

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Pathfinder: Brendan Session 17

After some level up book-keeping and prisoner looting and interrogation we pile into our airship and head for the Final Boss dungeon. But along the way we get attacked by a gargantuan ancient & a huge adult red dragon.

And for once our group is really feeling the pain. We had to call it around the end of round 4 and I am still wondering if I should use the time rewind ability I got from a modified deck of many things to come back prepared or just avoid the fight entirely.

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Book List October/November/December '17

Short Fiction
New Reads:  Vivian Cathe's (ed) Humans Wanted
  • Bruce Sterling's Schismatrix Plus
  • C.B. Lee's Not Your Sidekick
  • Charles E. Gannon's Fire With Fire
  • Ken Liu's Wall of Storms
  • A.J. Hartley's Firebrand
Rereads: Lois McMaster Bujold's A Civil Campaign, Captain Vorpatril's Alliance & Gentleman Jole & the Red Queen
  • Terry Pratchett's Thief of Time
Graphic Novels/TPBs/RPGs: Simon Spurrier/Tun Huat/Michael Del Mundo's X-Men Legacy: Legion v.1: Prodigal
  • Greg Rucka/Matthew Southworth/Lee Loughridge's Stumptown v.1
Total: 12

Short Fiction: Julia Keller's the Tablet of Scapttar
New Reads: Gene Wolfe's Shadow of the Torturer
  • T. Kingfisher's Clockwork Boys
  • Mia Archer's Villains Don't Date Heroes
  • Brandon Sanderson's Oathbringer
  • Jay Styrvant's Perfect Stranges, Black Friday, Over Our Heads & Head Down
  • Jim C. Hines' Terminal Alliance
  • K.B. Spangler's Stoneskin
  • Eric Flint/Paula Goodlett/Gorg Huff's 1637: the Volga Rules
Graphic Novels/TPBs/RPGs: Christina Strain/Amilcar Pinna/Alberto Alburquerque/Eric Oda's Generation X: Natural Selection v.1
  • David Willis' Dumbing of Age: The Machinations of My Revenge Will Be Cold, Swift, and Absolutely Ridiculous: v.6
  • Chris Claremont/Bob McLeod/Sal & John Buscema/Ron Frenz' the New Mutants: Epic Collection
  • Brennan Lee Mulligan/Molly Ostertag's Strong Female Protaganist v.2
Total: 16

Short Fiction:
New Reads: Robin D. Laws' Blood of the City
  • Chuck Wendig's Aftermath: Empire's End
  • Matt Ruff's Lovecraft Country
  • Barbara Hambly's Dragonbane
  • Seanan McGuire's Down Among the Sticks & Bones
  • Paul Cornell's Long Day in Lychford
  • Martin Scott's Thraxas
  • R.J. Ross' Rainbow Rush
Rereads: Terry Pratchett's Going Postal

Graphic Novels/TPBs/RPGs
: Jason Keeley/Owen K.C. Stephens/James L Sutter (dev team) Starfinder: Alien Archive
  • Chris Hastings/Gurihiru's the Unbelievable Gwen-poole: Beyond the 4th Wall: v.4
  • G. Willow Wilson/Andrian Alphona/Takeshi Miyazawa's Ms. Marvel: Mecca: v.8
  • Ben Aaronovitch/Andrew Catmel/Lee Sullivan's Rivers of London: Night Witch
Total: 13