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14 July 2015 @ 06:19 pm
Book List Apr/May/June '15  
Short Fiction: Veronica Schanoes' Ballroom Blitz & Usman Malik's the Pauper Prince & the Eucalyptus Jinn

New Reads: Kat Richardson's Sea Witch
Ian Thomas Healy (ed) the Good Fight 2: Villains
Eric Flint/Paula Goodlett (ed) Grantville Gazette VII
Eric Flint/Walter H. Hunt's 1636: the Cardinal Virtues (royal sucession shenannigans all up in France)
Ed McBain's the Last Dance
Harry Connely's a Key, an Egg, an Unfortunate Remark
various authors' Mongoliad vol.2
Diana Wynne Jones' Castle in the Air (I can't believe I never got into Jones as a kid.  She seems like she'd have been right in my wheelhouse)
Bobby Cole's the Rented Mule (too many players meandering over an overcomplicated scheme)

Rereads: George R.R. Martin (ed) Aces Abroad (I do love these reprints with the new stories added in)
Eric Flint/Virginia DeMarce 1634: the Bavarian Crisis
Alan Dean Foster's Icerigger, Mission to Moulikin & the Deluge Drivers (a frozen world with cat people aliens with ice-sailling physical traits)

Graphic Novels/TPBs: various creators - Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman
Adam Warren & various artists - Empowered Unchained
Krazy Krow - Spinerette: Shattered: Vol. 4
Grace Ellis/Noelle Stevenson/Brooke Allen - Lumberjanes: Vol. 1
Mike Maihack - Cleopatra in Space: Vol. 2: the Thief & the Sword


Short Fiction: Lois McMaster Bujold's Winterfair Gifts, Kameron Hurley's Elephants & Corpses, Daniel Jose Older's Ginga, Eric Burns-White's Nemesid & the Sky over L.A. is Yellow/Grey, Sharon Lee & Steven Miller's Chimera & Sherwood Smith's Zapped

New Reads:Jody Lynn Nye's Advanced Mythology
Greg Van Eekhout's Pacific Fire
Matthew Cody/Brian Clevenger's the Pharoah of Hong Kong
Ian Thomas Healy's Champion & Castles
K.B. Spangler's State Machine (more PTSD cyborgs and D.C. politics and yet still no talking koala)
Joe Abercrombie's Half a World
Elizabeth Moon's Deeds of Honor (a collection of Paksworld short stories)
Ruth Downie's Medicus
Peter Brett's the Skull Throne
Judith Tarr's Forgotten Suns (well worth the long wait from when the Kickstarter funded)

Rereads: Lois McMaster Bujold's a Civil Cmapaign, Cryoburn & Captain Vorpatril's Alliance

Graphic Novels/TPBs: Paul Tobin/Colleen Coover - Bandette: Vol. 2 Stealers Keepers
G. Willow Wilson/Jacob Wyatt/Adrian Alphona - Ms. Marvel: Vol. 2: Generation Why
Noelle Stevenson - Nimona
Stjepan Sejic - Sunstone: Vol. 2
Kurtis J. Wiebe/Roc Upchurch/Stepan Sejic - Rat Queens: Vol. 2: the Far Reaching Tentacles of N'RyGoth

Total: 20

Short Fiction: Courtney Alameda's Trigger, Seanan McGuire's the Star of New Mexico & Velveteen vs.Spring Cleaning, Kelly Ribson's Waters of Versailles & K.B. Rylander's We Fly

New Reads: Wesley Chu's the Deaths of Tao (my only main issue with this series is that real world vs. secret alien masters world are exactly the same.  Meaning the ancient super-genius aliens seem to have zero real effect on anything)
Michael J. Martinez's the Daedalus Incident (a neat mash-up of some near future hard SF with someones Best Ever Space: 1889 campaign.  Because of quantum)
R.J. Ross' Life Light
T. Kingfisher's Bryony & Roses
Lincoln Crisler (ed) Corrupts Absolutely (this anthology of "bad" super-heroes was just a tad too cynical for me)
Paolo Bacigalupi's the Water Knife (and this drought-dystopia was way too grim and cynical for me)
Carrie Harris' Dinopacalypse Forever
Drew Hayes' Superpowereds: Year 3
Tamora Pierce's Circle of Magic #1: Sandry, Circle of Magic #2: Tris, Circle of Magic #3: Deja & Circle of Magic #4: Briar
Rereads: David Weber (ed) Beginings
David Weber's the Shadow of Saganami, At All Costs, Storm From the Shadows, Mission of Honor, a Rising Thunder & Shadows of Freedom
David Weber/Eric Flint's Cauldron of Ghosts

Graphic Novels/TPBs: Jeremy Whitley/M. Goodwin/Jung Ha Kim - Princeless: Vol. 1: Save Yourself
J. Whtley/Emily Martin/Kelly Lawrence/Dave Dwonch -  Princeless: Vol. 2: Get Over Yourself
Sabura Uta -Citrus: Vol. 2
Ben Fleuter -  Derelict
Kate Leyh - Supercakes
Jay Faeber/Scott Godlewski/Ron Riley/Thomas Mauer - Copperhead: Vol. 1

Total: 27
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished