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24 July 2015 @ 06:18 pm
Pathfinder: Frazier Session 8  
Since our group's priest was out for family stuff, Frazier ruled that the character was passed out after delivering some emergancy restorations.  Meaning our search of the abadonded village was merely dangerous and not suicidal.  After locating various bits of circumstation evidence to support the theory of the "Beast"s innocence we eventually end up in the corn field.  There we faced Brother Swarm, the wraith of a child murderer slain by trial-by-bees for religious reasons.  And his child-wraith victims.  Despite several rounds of truly terrible damage rolls, eventually our dog piling on the main foe resulted in general victory.  And then a combination of Profession: Trauma Counselor from my tengu and general Diplomacy by the halfling sorceror gave us an interview with one of the "Beast"s supposed victims.  Which we can testify to at the 2nd trial...

We may just stop this flesh golem railroading yet.  Justice!
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