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27 July 2015 @ 05:40 pm
Weekly Pull 7/22/15  
Prez #2: Writer Mark Russell, penciler Ben Caldwell, inker Mark Morales with Sean Parsons, colorist Jeremy Lawson & letterer Travis Lanham.  Thanks to blind, stupid, petty greediness Beth "Corn Dog Girl" Ross is now president.  Pity it didn't happen soon enough so she could have hooked her dad up with some of that potentially life-saving FedGovEmp health care

Adventure Time #42: Written by Christopher Hastings, inks by Zachary Sterling, pencils by Phil Murphy, colors by Maarta Laiho & letters by Steve Wands.  Demonstrating how to and NOT to infilitrate a community of hungry bears.  Plus BMO back-up story by Ian McGinty & Fred Stesing.
Power Up #1: Written by Kate Leth & illustrated by Matt Cummings.  Strange lights and mysterious baddies at the old pet store.

TMNT: Casey & April #2: Story Mariko Tamaki, art Irene Koh, colors Brittany Peer & letters Shawn Lee.  April be helpful, Casey be angry and Rat King be creeeeeeeepy.
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