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07 August 2015 @ 06:20 pm
Pathfinder: Frazer Session 9  
And again the party dashed (or comfortably napped in our carriage) back to the city to testify.  This second day of jurispudence had the group lay out the facts of the "Beast"s living situation with the village he was accused of attacking.  And we delivered proxy testimonies from the ghosts of the children he was accused of murdering.  And again some sway was noticed from the judges.

Also while in town my Tengu and the NPC ratman investigator tracked down the most recent owners of some fancy surgical tools we'd found at the swamp graveyard.  And the roommate's halfling finally got his cursed wounds healed, as well as making a stronger connection with the Palantine Eye society.

After that we headed out towards the third and final crime scene, a burned down asylum.  But first a bandit fight to cap off the session.  And also ending the night with the party as a whole reaching level five.  Which means a new Feat.  Ima gonna get my Tengu some working wings.  Caw caw death from above motherfuckers!
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