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09 August 2015 @ 05:35 pm
Weekly Pull 8/5/15  
the Wicked + the Divine #13: Writer Kieron Gillen, artist Tula Lotay with p31 by Jamie McKelvie & Matthew Wilson and letterer Clayton Cowles.Ananke is a big jerk.  Who seems to actively work to make sure the Gods create as little change as possible.
We Stand On Guard #2: Writer Brian K. Vaughan, artist Steve Skroce, colorist Matt Hollingsworth and lettering & design by Fonografiks.  I kind of have my doubts about the ability of an America that has to invade Canada for water WHILE apparantly fighting a hot war with China would actually be able to project the kind of force to occupy said Canada.
Savage Dragon #205: By Erik Larsen, with letters by Chris Eliopoulos, colors by Nikos Koutsis and flats by Mike Toris.  Prom night! Sex videos! Too many pregnancies!
Arclight: 8house#2: Art and colors by Marian Chruchland, story by Brandon Graham and letters by Ariana Maher

Groot #3: Writer Jeff Loveness, artist Brian Kesinger, color artist Vero Gandini and letterer Jeff Eckleberry.  Groot has a space team-up with the Silver Surfer and helps some space farmers.
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