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11 August 2015 @ 08:40 pm
3 Movies  
Trouble Man: So you've got Mr. T who is hired by to find out who's knocking over floating craps games and keep a gang war from breaking out.  And then that leads to some murders in a pool hall and a frame-up by crooked cops.  And it all ends in a big shoot-out in the rented out top floors of a luxury hotel which are all offices and a swanky apartment.  Anyway Robert Hooks' Mr. T is one chill cat...

Catch Me If You Can:  That was a lot of federal resources dedicated to catching one non-violent check fraud person.

Adaptation:  That, that was not where I was expecting things to go.  Also, always odd to get reminded that Nicholas Cage CAN be a good actor.  And not just a sometimes fun, hammy actor...
Current Mood: goodgood