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26 August 2015 @ 09:50 pm
Weekly Pull 8/19/15  
Its kind of late for me, but I've been pushing back on getting this up, so no real commentary this time around.

Secret Six #5: Writer Gail Simone, artists Dale Eaglesham & Tom Derenick, colors Jason Wright and letters Travis Lanham.

Astro City #2: Writer Kurt Busiek, artist Brent Anderson, lettering & design John Roshell & Jimmy Betancourt of Comicraft and color art Alex Sinclair.

Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake: Card Wars #2: Written by Jen Wang, pencils & letters by Britt Wilson and inks & colors by Rian Sygh.
Power Up #2: Written by Kate Leth and illustrated by Matt Cummings.

Dark Horse Presents #13: By various, edited by Jim Gibbons & publishing editor Mike Richardson.
Groo: Friends and Foes: Weaver & Scribe: Drawn by Sergio Aragones, wordsmith Mark Evanier, colorists Michael Atiyeh & Caitlin McCarthy and letterer Stan Sakai.

Invincible #122: Writer Robert Kirkman, penciler Ryan Ottley, inker Cliff Rathburn, colorist Jean-Francois Beaulieu and letterer Rus Wooton.
Savage Dragon #206: Written by Erik Larsen, letters Chris Eliopoulous, colors Nikos Koutsis and flats Mike Toris.
Rat Queens #11: Writer Kurtis J. Wiebe, artist Tess Fowler, letters Ed Brisson and colors Tamra Bonvillain.
Island #2: Again by various, edited by Brandon Graham.
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