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10 September 2015 @ 08:07 pm
Weekly Pull: 9/9/15  
Knights of the Dinner Table #223: Jolly Blackburn & various supporting.  And with Gary gone, the Marvin Campaign of Doom finally comes to a close.  With just some loot division and bragging rights fall-out left to deal with.

Gotham Academy #10Writers Becky Cloonan & Brenden Fletcher, art Karl Kerschl with Msassyk, colors Serge Lapointe & Msassyk and letters Marilyn Patrizio. I wonder how well this title matches with current DC continuity.  What with most of the staff being obscure Bat-title villains.  Hugo Strange, Bookworm, Simon Trent.  Plus half of Arkham's inmates hanging oiut nearby.

Giant Days #6: Writer John Allison, illustrator Lissa Treiman, colorist Whitney Cogar and letterer Jim Campbell.  This issue got delayed for me by a couple weeks thanks to a damaged shipment.  But I'm glad to finally get this, even if its Treiman's final issue.  Haven't heard yet who will be taking over the primary art duties for the second half of the run.

The Wicked & the Divine #14: Writer Kieron Gillen, artist Jamie McKelvie, colourist Matthew Wilson and letterer Clayton Cowles.  So Odin's at least a self-aware, evil dickhead.  I don't really get the bit with the other helmeted person/deity/robot at the end though.
Bitch Planet #5: Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick, art by Valentine De Landro, colors by Cris Peter and letters by Clayton Cowles.  Hey look the prison team can't count on the game rules being applied evenly.  Thats a shock.  Sadly a fatal one it seems.
Phonogram #2: the Immaterial GirlWriter Kieron GIllen, artist Jamie McKelvie, colourist Matthew Wilson and letterer Clayton Cowles.  I wonder if Wilson and Cowles worked on the previous Phonogram volumes.  I also wonder who the King Behind the Screen is meant to represent.  Or if they're maybe just supposed to be an incarnate for music videos in general.
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