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15 October 2015 @ 04:00 pm
Pathfinder: Frazer Session 14  
Oh how foolish to hope that there would be justice.  Despite all the evidence and testimony, including the finding of a cabinet full of enchanted full-body skins, the Beast was sentenced to burn.  A sentence by the chief magistrate that caught our own justical patron by surprise.  Speaking with her later we found that the triumivurate had concluded the Beast's innocence and that Volstagg/Grimes were responsible for the crimes at Morrasse and the asylum.  Happily the return of Bill for a night, along with his rogue Traygon meant that steps had been taken to ensure that the Beast would be able to escape that night.  And then we asked to investigate the Beast's plea as he was dragged back to his cell.  That the region's former ruler, a count Carnak could save him.

So we set off to Schloss Carnak, having Emile the Rat stay in the city to tail the Beast and keep track of him during his escape.  Along the road the group comes across a group of abandoned wagons.  The scene looks like a group of pilgrims had stopped to repair a broken wheel.  Further investigation then led the group into the nearby swamp and a will-o-wisp teamed with a trio of harpies.  The monster's enthralling song ability was unfortunately effective against all but my Callix and Matt's war priest.  Despite this difficulity the harpies were slain or driven off and the session ended with the reveal that the pilgrims were still alive, if shaken and hurt thru slow torture in order to feed the pain-hunger of the will-o-wisp.  Looks like next game will see Callix get to make many uses of his Profession: Trauma Counselor skill...
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