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11 November 2015 @ 06:45 am
Weekly Pull 11/4/15  
Howard the Duck #1: Writer Chip Zdarksy, Penciler & colorist Joe Quinones, inker Joe Rivera & letterer Travis Lanham.  A weary Howard decides to try and use the McGuffin from the previous arc, along with the Nexus of Realities, to try and return to Duck-Earth.  But first of course some more super-villains as he and Tara have to face-off against the Wizard and Titania.

We Stand On Guard #5: Writer Brian K. Vaughn, artist Steve Skroce, colorist Matt Hollingsworth & lettering & design Fonografiks.  The Canadian resistance goes on the offensive.
Paper Girls #2: Writer Brian K. Vaugn, artist Cliff Chiang, colors by Matt Wilson & letters & design by Jared K. Fletcher.  Missing townsfolk, mutants with sacks full of phones from different times, red skies and a swarm of pteranodons.
Velvet #12: Writer Ed Brubakerartist Steve Epting, colors by Elizabeth Breitweiser & letters by Chris Eliopoulos.
Monstress #1:Wrtier Marjorie Liu, artist Sana Takeda & letterer Rus Wooton.  That was a lot of world-building and story packed into even this over-sized first issue.  Definitely on board to see more of where this leads.

Survivor's Club #2: Writer Lauren Beukes & Dale Halvorsen, artist Ryan Kelly, colorist Eva De La Cruz & letterer Clem Robins.
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