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12 November 2015 @ 04:37 pm
Some very nice sequences and scenes.  Especially the single-tracking shot during the Day of The Dead bit at the beginning of the movie.  And Dave Bautista makes for a very menancing Bond-style henchman even with only a single line in the movie.  Like Oddjob or 1st appearance Jaws.  Plot is more than a bit..well silly.  Like I have a really hard time buying that nine nations, that include the UK, China and USA would be willing to form a JOINT surviellance sharing database, all run by a 3rd party corporation with no oversight.

Christopher Waltz is pretty good as Blofeld, managing to give even the most over the top villain monloguing a sense of drama and depth.  But given that he managed the same in Green Hornet, no surprise there.  I do find myself hoping that when he escaped the base explosion-ing so that he could be there for the final confrontation that he grabbed his cat.  SPECTRE-cat doesn't deserve to get exploded because of the Bond/Blofeld feud...
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