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15 November 2015 @ 06:45 pm
Pathfinder: Frazer Session 15  
After doing what we could to patch them up physically and mentally we sent the remaining pilgrims back towards town with Traygon, since Bill wouldn't be there for this session.  Then onward to Schloss NotFrankenstein.  A brief campout and then we approached the castle.  Where were attacked by a group of trolls and their troll-hounds.  Despite not being prepared we finished off the hounds and two of the four trolls before breaking for the night.  Not having a straight up wizard, who at level 5, would likely have a fireball or two definitely made the fight tougher.  But we were helped immensely when Cuonto did some kind of telekinitic trick to steal the heavy crossbow/light ballista of the boss troll, forcing him to get in range of the heavy damage of Armand the Hammer and Cat Stevens...
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