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27 November 2015 @ 06:20 pm
Pathfinder: Frazer Session 16  
As we restarted the battle against the remaining gatehouse trolls Bill's Traygon rejoins the group along with Emile the Ratfolk.  The party then begins to work out how to get atop the gatehouse while attempting to avoid rock bombardment.  Eventually the two remaining trolls are taken down, the first from several scorching rays by Brendan's halfling sorceror and a multi-round flight by my tengu Callix that ends with an acid flask bombardment.  The second wounded troll fails a Fort save and gets shrunk and then pulled off with a grappling hook and then fininished.

After that its just mopping up, questioning a goblin prisoner and working out how to bypass another golem hound guarding the bridge without another tough fight.  We decide to rest up and end the session just outside the castle.  And the group hits level six, putting my character at fighter 3/inquisitor 3.  DING!
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