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11 December 2015 @ 03:54 pm
Pathfinder: Frazer Session 17  
After a rest and level we proceeded across the moat-bridge to the main castle.  Where things started out fairly well.  We left the NPCs behind with the wagons and bypassed the golem hound by having Traygon, BIll's half-orc rogue disguised as a guard.  And we found the bell pull trick to open the main gates.  And then relatively easily defeated an ambush by some kind of metal construct wearing a boggan (aka renamed bullywug) skin.  And then it all went to shit as Eric's fighter triggered an air elemental guard when he went to toss some scrap into the river to see what the castle's unseen servants would do.

The huge air elemental battered, engulfed and tossed about various party members.  Eventually it was destroyed, but not before Traygon and Matt's war priest were killed.  So next session we get to see how Frazer works to two new characters into the story.  Traygon was the last remaining original pc as well.
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