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16 December 2015 @ 08:39 pm
Weekly Pull 12/9/15  
Adventure Time #47: Written by Christopher Hastings, illustrated by Zachary Sterling, colors by Maarta Laiho & letters by Steve Wands.  More of the mysterious Gata.  Also brain monsters.
Giant Days #9: Written by John Allison, illustrated by Max Sarin, colors by Whitney Cogar & letters by Jim Campbell.  The power of the student press!  The horrorific embarassment of premature ejaculation!  The squashing of the student press by the corrupt powers!

Gotham Academy #12 & #13: Written by Becky Cloonan & Brenden Fletcher, pencils by Karl Kerschl/Adam Archer, inks by Karl Kerschl/Sandra Hope, colors by Serge Lapointe & letters by Msassyk/Steve Wands.  First more history of Calamity and it turns out Prof. Hugo Strange was up to no good.  Then a cross-over with the Robin War event thingy.

Slash & Burn #1 & #2: Writer Si Spencer, penciller Max Dunbar, inker Ande Parks, colorist Nick Filardi & letterer Travis Lanham.  A recovering pyro who works for a small town fire department .

We Stand On Guard #6: Writer Biran K. Vaughn, artist Steve Skroce, colorist Matt Hollingsworth & lettering & design Fonografiks.  The last stand of the Canadian Resistance.
Monstress #2: Writer Marjorie Liu, artist Sana Takeda & letters & design Rus Wooton.  Introducing the Inquisitrixes, bad ass killers and propagandists.
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