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10 January 2016 @ 03:07 am
Pathfinder: Frazer Session 19  
Missed Session 18, the final one for 2015, in order to spend more time with my brother and his family during the holidays. So I was not there as Bill & Matt premiered their new characters. A 1/2 Elf Summoner who wears his Eidolon like power armor and a Power of Drunkness Rogue respectively. Also a fight with some rust monsters in a damaged lab.

This session was further exploration of the House of Count Chocula. Leading to us finding his personal stashes of fine tobaccos, taxidermied critters and piles of money. Unfortunately those piles of money (which we didn't even take since we're still trying to find if his creepiness is still alive) had a poison needle trap that put Brendan's halfling in a CON-drain coma. Then we had to fight an erinyes demon (or devil?) on a rope bridge. Who it turned out was part of a summon trap, like the giant air elemental that killed Matt & Bill's previous characters. But it still almost killed off Matt's new character. Brendan may never forgive me for rescuing Cognac the Exceedling Loud & Obnoxius from the brink of death. Or at least he'll make me switch seats next session so Matt's bellowing in my ear...
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