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23 January 2016 @ 03:26 am
Pathfinder: Frazer Session 20  
This session saw the arrival of the roommate's sort of new character. Which was good since Erik is out for awhile due to family obligations. Rather than start from scratch or sit out in a coma while running an NPC Brendan and Frazer came up with a work-around. Jonstafl the sorceror/rogue would burn away his magic while in the CON-drain coma and emerge as a straight up Rogue 6. Letting him rejoin the group as we ventured into Count Carnak's Museum of Monsters. A variety of taxidermied oddities and beasts. Including a semi-undead Fiji mermaid aka Evil Monkey-Fish.

We'd only explored the first two rooms of the museum when we were set upon by another flesh golem. This one was seemingly blind but was aided by a quartet of cyclopean homunculi. While the creature was tough, I was able to let Bill's Summoner know that heat & cold would slow it. So an early ray of frost stole its ability to use attacks of opportunity. Which allowed the party to position properly to give Emile lots of flanking opportunities. This, alongside some powerful precise strikes from Byron's cat let us overcome the creatures DR and bring it down.

Of course before that happened did let the EVIL Monkey-Fish out of it's jar, leading to him getting a face full of semi-undead monkey-fish humping.
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