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26 February 2016 @ 05:09 pm
Pathfinder: Frazer Session 22  
First the positive:  Frazer had zero interest in splitting the party or slowing the narrative for a journey back to town and a cleric, so Emile the Rat NPC had a one-shot Cure Mummy Rot potion.  Which allowed for continued castle explortation.  Where things mostly went well.  Sure a minor trap guarding an essientially empty room was set off.  But it didn't do much damage.  And the flying medusa heads were quickly dealt with.  But once the flooded rooms were found things started going downhill.

I mean the transulecent, aquatic basilisk was bad enough, given that the somewhat staggering AC bonuses it got for being submerged and see-through.  But that led to Matt's Cognac deciding to uncap and hurl his third mystery jar.  This one contained an immature nixie.  Which promptly dove into the flooded room and most likely made the mutant bailisk into a pet, as they are prone to do.  This then led to Cognac, Bill's summoner and my Callix seperated from the others and thus attempting to circle around through another unexplored room to hook back up.  Which is where we ended the session, with another encounter about to go off in the second, neighboring flooded room...
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