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23 March 2016 @ 12:28 pm
Pathfinder: Frazer Session 24  
Last week saw the penultimate battle for the campaign.  After a brief pause to loot, level up and rest we moved on to what would be the final area of the castle.  Another bridge and another tower.  After some magical scouting by Cognac we eventually bypassed much of said tower to go directly to the roof and the strange machinery there.  Eventually we got the paired devices working, which were a stormcaller that powered a machine to remotely puppet the Beast.  Who was moving towards the final tower.  So with the halfling piloting the friendly golem the rest of us had to deal with his ugly "brother".  A smorgasboard of stitched together monstrosities called the Aberrant Promethean.   After a tough fight, and with the eventual help of the beast, the boss golem was put down.  Leaving just one final wrap-up session and a well earned break for Frazer from GM duties.  As of now Matt's volunteered to restart his old campaign.  Or at least something spinning out of that one.  Meaning I get to dig out my revamped version of the witch Abra Kadabra...
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