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30 March 2016 @ 08:28 am
Pathfinder: Interim Frazer/Matt  
And last night we had the wrap up debrief and rewards for the Trial of the Beast.  Crazed father and monster pseudo-son were reunited.  Trauma counseling was used and serious psychiatric help was recomended.  And "rewards" which were totally not bribes were given to get us away from the schloss and all its monster golem building evidence.  Though Matt's Cognac decided to stay on as the Count's new Igor.  Then a debrief with the Judge who brought us in to defend the Beast in the first place.  Who revealed she was a member of the Palantine Eye and wanted us to continue working for them, investigating what the Whispering Way are up to.  So more reward moneys!  That plus finally unloading all our various loots for cash gave us a decent payout to end the adventure with.  I'm pretty sure Callix will be able to afford the first versions of those paired magical nunchaku I want.  And maybe some better armor.  Though it will likely be a year or two before we swing back to Frazer's campaign...

After that was the set-up for Matt's Unamed Sandbox-style campaign.  The roommate will be bringing back his pyromaniac dwarf wizard would-be crime boss.  Bill has his celebrity dwarf bard with inquisitor wife.  And Ive got a rewritten version of Abra Kadabra the witch.  Eric has some style of ranger and Frazer is planning on a Gomez Addams style character, though he's still noodling around the build.  And Bryon missed the session but last mentioned he was leaning towards a front-line barbarian or the like...
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