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03 May 2016 @ 04:18 pm
Pathfinder: Matt Session 2  
Last week's session saw everyone at the staging area for the super-sized caravan heading to the Epic Music Festival.  Brendan's Halgrim and Bill's bard renewed their working relationship as the only two actual carry-over PCs.  The ranger and barbarian had adventures with prostitutes and gambling and took side jobs as guards for a snack cake company going as a vendor.  Frazer's Uncle Creepy hung around being creepy.  And I decided to just talk with the other witch vendor I'm supposed to steal an artifact from.  Thanks to several mystical visions I'd learned her daughter had been stolen away to a demi-dimension by the semi-infernal masters of the previously mentioned snack cake company.  So I agreed to help her get her daughter back and then maybe negotiate a return of the Eye of McGuffin...

And then onto the road with the caravan.  Which basically had three clusters.  The "A" group of talent (where Bill's bard was travelling).  The "B" group of staff and vendors where myself, Byron and Eric's characters were.  And the general fandom mob in "C".  We ended the session with a mini-concert from Bill's bard and one of his rivals in the festival, another bard named Jack Wight.  'Cause all the other talent were terrible, terrible pun mash-ups of real musicians and D&D-isms.
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