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08 June 2016 @ 06:04 am
Off-Week Game  
Got together for another rpg group during the weeks we aren't doing Pathfinder.  With the roommate, Frazer & Bryon from the regular group.  Plus Bryon's SO.  After handing out a pile of potential rpgs, the consensus was for the Dresden Files RPG which use the FATE system, with Brendan as GM.  The core of the character creation system is basically answer questions about your back-story and use that to create Aspects.  I'm going with a In the Know reporter with second sight.  So my High Concept Aspect is Kolchak, With Visions.  Then I gave him the Troubled Aspects of Marked By the Mob and Ghost-eye, Can't Turn it Off.  The first notes how he used to be a crime reporter until a mob hit killed his wife and nearly killed him.  The latter is how the near-death experiance gave him a scar, a shock of white hair and the ability to see glamour, ghosts, astral entities and etc.  Then for his other Aspects I've got Friends On the Force (old police contacts from when he worked the crime beat), Local Crank (showing that he's known for doing woo-woo stories and isn't taken seriously by "real" press anymore) and White Board of Doom (for his files and research on both the local criminals and supernaturals).

The others basic concepts so far are a Rogue Innsmouth-ian type, an Emmisary of Power (or maybe Alyce decided on Semi-Senile/Mostly Retired Ancient Wizard) and an Old Lady Conjurer and Interior Designer/Architect.  And we brain stormed as a group various background details for our setting of St. Louis.  With everything being set in the starting period of the war between the White Council (Wizards) and the Red Court (Vampires)...
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