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20 June 2016 @ 04:42 pm
Pathfinder: Matt Session 5  
After reuniting the party with the resurected Bill's Bard's Wife (now a halfling) the group noticed that the fog cover of the guards & wards spells on the hideout had to be renewed daily.  Giving us the idea that there could be a window the next morning to try and reassualt without all the annoying fog cover and magically locked doors and what not.  Unfortunately while were preparing to wait for this window, our opponent, Fruit Pie the Wizard located the group.

After opening up with a fireball, we then had a lengthy battle against a well-prepped wizard.  Which meant he was flying, invisible and had who knows what other defensive buffs up.  But eventually enough of us could spot him to whittle him down.  And then drop him with a lightning bolt from my witch and a scorching ray from the roommate's wizard.  Sadly Bill's bard was the one not to survive the battle this time.  Too much direct damage combined with getting mobbed by a pack of summoned earth elementals.
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