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23 June 2016 @ 02:24 pm
Off-Week: Brendan Session 2: The Dresden Files  
This week we all sat down with some pre-gen characters to run thru a short module as practice.  And first off we fleshed out additional Aspects for the pre-gens and how they related to each other with various questions.  So my heavy metal musician werewolf ended up being in his late 40s.  And used to date Bryon's East African war refugee sorceress and was asked by the mentor of the apprentice wizard run by Frazerto keep an eye on him while he's off on Council business and I once ran off a ghoul chasing Alyce's changeling.  That, plus printer issues giving us a bit of a late start, meant we didn't get to the actual gaming part until later.  So we really only had time for one scene.  Arriving at the local coffee house/supernatural neutral grounds and finding two of the staff murdered and the owner missing.  This still gave us the opportunity to briefly run several challenges, including a combat one.  We ended the night with the other's regrouping at Zack the Wizard's dorm while Sean my werewolf waited around for the cops after he ripped the throat out of the goon who was the likely killer.
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