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08 July 2016 @ 03:56 pm
Off-Week: Brendan Session 3: The Dresden Files  
The others had managed a meet-up on a Saturday to do some of the communal character building, which I had missed due to needing sleep between work shifts.  So this week was finishing up some of their background and Aspects, while building up mine and integrating some with the others.  After we were going to go back to the pre-gens and the practice module, but no one was really enthused about that.  So I offered up that maybe we could treat the pre-gen stuff as a prelude to our "real" characters starting the adventures.  So Byron's sorceror was called about bail for Sean the Werewolf.  Child of War sorceror was one of the roommates of Frazer's Fish-boy in the City.   Alyce's Priestess of Bridget was a neighbor and co-member of the local Witch Business Owner Association with the missing kitchen witch.  And it all being a crime with occult overtones got my True-Sight Kolchak investigating.
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