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17 July 2016 @ 03:53 pm
Weekly Pull 7/13/16  
Mirror #5: by Emma Rios and Hwei Lim.  So its everbody off the asteroid world by order of flashback alien thingy?  Anyway now all the thousands of humans and hundreds of animal hybrids are on a ship.  An even small enviroment.
The Wicked & the Divine #21: Writer Kieron Gillen, Artist Jamie McKelvie, Colourist Matthew Wilson, Letterer Clayton Cowles & Flatter Dee Cunniffe.  Ananke's secret plan revealed.  Which is murder the girl and fuck everyone because fuck you ya ungratefull stupid tossers!  Also Persephone/Laura, Baphomet/Nergal, the Morrigan and Dionysus throw down with Sakhmet, Baal and Woden's Valkyries.

Lumberjanes/Gotham Academy #2Written by Chynna Clugston Flores, Pencils by Rosemary Valero-O'Connell, Inks by Maddi Gonzalez, Colors by Whitney Cogar, Letters by Warren Montgomery.  The 'Janes and Gothamites regroup and plan on how to rescue Jen & Olive.  Meanwhile, the latter are trapped in the Lodge of the '80s.

Stumptown #10: Written by Greg Rucka, Illustrated by Justin Greenwood, Colored by Ryan Hill & Lettered by Crank! "The Case of the Night That Wouldn't End": Dex working a regular ol' spousal surveilance case, in this one-off to finish up volume three.