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05 August 2016 @ 04:34 pm
The Dresden Files: Brendan Session 5  
Had one of the other players decide to drop out during the session.  She felt a little like game prep was too close to homework assignments and wasn't really clicking into the game.  Not sure how much was general gaming and how much the FATE rules system.  I'm hopeful maybe she might have better luck with a less rules-intensive system.  But for now the remainder of us managed to track down the base of drug-dealing, possible kidnapper, rock n roller warlock.  And with Bryon's sorceror only making a SINGLE local gang into vengeance swearing enemies.  :P

Beyond that, my Sight-ed journalist managed to warn the group about the trap-ward around a hostage, at the cost of magic-shocking himself unconscious.  And then the sorceror managed to batter down the ward without having it blow up the buidling.  And so a hostage was rescued and we learned (we being the conscious team members) that the warlock dude was planning on sacrificing the kidnapped shop owner/hedge witch for some crazy ritual.