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08 August 2016 @ 05:03 pm
Weekly Pull 8/3/16  
Short list for last week.  Even with me finally remembering to grab Prophet: Earth War #5 with story by Brandon Graham & Simon Roy, art by Brandon Graham, Grim Wilkins, Giannis Milonogiannis & Ano Jenna Trost, colors by Joseph Bergin III, Lin Visel & Brandon Graham & letters by Ariana Maher.  Also with ascendant Glory cameo.

Giant Days #17: Creator/Writer John Allison, Pencils by Max Sarin, Inks by Liz Fleming, Colors by Whitney Cogar & Letters by Jim Campbell.  Daisy goes archeologying, Susan stalks her ex and Esther and Ed get a writing job.  A morally questionable job as it turns out.

Paper Girls #8: Writer Brian K. Vaughan, Artist Cliff Chiang, Colors Matt Wilson, Letters + design Jared K. Fletcher & Color flats Dee Cunniffe.  The "joys" of learning your future.  Also more mega-sized micro-fauna.
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