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19 August 2016 @ 04:18 pm
The Dresden Files: Brendan Session 6  
While the magical bomb/ward was defused at the end of the last session, doing so did leave my Ben "Don't Call Me Kolchak" Franks in a bit a coma situation.  But handidly I still had Sean Barnes, heavy metal bassist and werewolf.  Who was out on bail thanks to Byron's sorceror.  So we set off for the ol' fort/park where the crazy ex (and Sean's former bandmate) was keeping the hedge witch/shop keeper for his BIG EVIL PLAN.  In getting into the park we may have accidentally, sort of, kidnapped a park ranger.  And Fish Boy may have stolen her gun.  And radio.  And utility knife.  But forgot her flashlight at least.  And then ghoul attack.  Fortunately for us and unfortunate for the ghouls (who are nasty and tough) the group was a bit heavy-handed in the damage dealing capacity between a fully wolfed out Sean, Frazer's Fomori Kid Fish and Bryon's sorceror Max with his discount Hammer of Tunderbolts.