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24 August 2016 @ 06:08 am
Replacement Board Game Night  
Since the Pathfinder game is on hold for the month, hosted a board game night for the Tuesday game.  First was a five person single-lap of Formula De where I pulled 2nd and the roommate managed to eliminate his racer midway.  And then we broke out my new edition of Nucleur War.  I've had one of the earlier editions forever, but because it was missing a spinnder track haven't been able to try it.  So last night we had a six-person game.  And once we worked out the rules (and Flying Buffalo is kind of terrible at writing clear and concise rule sheets) it was a lot of fun.  The roommate was eventually the first to go out, but didn't take anyone down with him in his Final Retalation strike.  But then before we could all take advantage of the new peace to start using Propaganda cards again the next player was done in by Top Secret card.  And his Final Retaliation set off a chain of elimation/Final Retaltions that left me the last nation standing with 7million population.
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