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09 September 2016 @ 03:57 pm
Pathfinder: Matt Session 8  
Man, it has been a while since we did some Pathfindering.  So with the group (minus Eric's Ranger who was off babysitting or something) in the city of Dwarf Fort City we (or at least I) began to look into finding out more about Evil Pastry Sub-Plane.  Which lead to an encounter with A-Team parody member Marduk.  Which led to realizing that the "crime"  they were accused of involved a missing girl who was one of the two I'd seen in visions of E.P.S-P.  Which led to us deciding to break MurdochMarduk out of the local crazy house.  Which kind of led to us murderlizing a platoon of visiting Korvosan soldiers and fleeing in a carriage carried by Dr. Erasmus's plus-sized zombie minion.  Because of self defense justifications.  So yeah.