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18 September 2016 @ 03:55 pm
Weekly Pull 9/14/16  
Southern Cross #7: Story Becky Cloonan, Art Andy Belanger, Colours Lee Loughridge & Letters Serge LaPointe.  How nice, more cosmic space horror mystery.  With a single survivor from the missing "Southern Cross" arriving at Titan.

Resident Alien: the Man With No Name #1Script Peter Hogan & Art Steve Parkhouse.  Also nice, a new chapter/mini of Hogan & Parkhouse's mystery solvin' alien small town doctor.  With more government conspicarcy-ing.

Astro City #38Writer Kurt Busiek, Artist Brent E. Anderson, Lettering & Design John Roshell & Jimmy Betancourt of Comicraft & Color art Peter Pantazis.  1929s Astro CIty with a little more of the Blasphemy Boys and introducing pulp-era capes Cloak of Night, the Five Fists, Yankee Sheikh (and a hunch-backed mad scienctist foe I'd like to see more of) and the issues main attraction Jazzbaby.  Who may have been Mr. Cakewalk?  Which makes me wonder if she/they are an era-specific entity and thus maybe connected to the Bouncing Beatnik?
Doom Patrol #1Writer Gerard Way, Artist Nick Derington, Colorist Tamra Bonvillain & Letterer Nick Derington.  I was pretty much sold on this new semi-Vertigo Young Animal launch title just by Gerard Way writes Doom Patrol.  And it is gloriously almost incomprehensibley weird.
Lumberjanes/Gotham Academy #4Written by Chynna Clugston Flores, Pencils by Rosemary Valero-O'Connell, Inks by Maddi Gonzalez, COlors by Whitney Cogar & Letters by Warren Montgomery.  All the groups are now in vacation house for the never-ending birthday party.  And maybe have a plan to break the spell holding them all.  Of course there are still TWO whole issues to go so complications must ensue.
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