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30 September 2016 @ 04:28 pm
Pathfinder: Bill Session 1  
So Matt decided he was burned out on D&D and cancelled his game and is taking a break from the group.  So Bill stepped up back behind the GM Screen and going with a new campaign, the Reign of Winter path set.  Our intrepid group started out in a southern Taldoran village, where the summer weather is taking a strange turn to cold.  As well as the nearby woods showing signs of much more Northerly beasts.  Leading to the abduction of a young noblewoman.  Setting off on the rescue are the roommate's human Investigator, Byron's human Cleric, Frazer's halfling Cavalier, Eric's elf (and playing the character type for the first time) Wizard and my half-orc Hunter (with baby moose companion).

After getting what limited gear was available and borrowing some horses the group found the abduction site.  And after dealing with some zombies we even recovered the dowry of the noblewoman.  Then we set off on the trail, succesfully disarming a spiked log trap and then facing a dread tasselworm? Tesselwurm?  Tusslewyrm?  Frosty, Fuzzy Murder Snake!  After that victory the rest of the group decided we should head back to town to rest and rearm instead of pushing onward...
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