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22 November 2016 @ 02:01 pm
7th Sea: Session 2  
My original plan for last week's session was:

  1. Scene 1 - Reaching the docks and heading to sea.

  2. Scene 2 - Naval encounter

  3. Scene 3 - 1st port of call

Instead, first we had to establish some details of Bryon's "Married to the Sea" advantage.  What kind of boat did his character have access to?  What was her access?  Who owned the boat?  What was the crew like?  So that led to some group activity as the players worked out names and positions for the dozen-ish crew of the schooner, the Salty Eel.  Then in the actual scene the captain (Bryon's witch) would go around gathering up said crew, while Brendan & Aaron's bodyguards used their left-over Wealth to put some cargo on the ship.  Which meant leaving the "cargo" aka the 12-year old girl/plot point under the care of some of Aaron's local not-Russian relatives.  They were all shocked when the, again TWELVE YEAR OLD, decided that she didn't want to be shipped off to northern not-Germany and instead bolted to go back home.

So Scene 1 is now "Find the Girl, Get Her to the Ship".  Eventually they managed to catch up to the runaway 12-year old, just ahead of the hired Goons of another intrested party.  NOT the Daughters or the not-French church sorceror.  Mad acrobatics, feats of strength and daring cross-field riding then ensued.  Leaving the Goons defeated and the girl returned to their custody.  Also they didn't manage to learn who the 3rd intrested party was.

Now Scene 2 is "Sailing Across the Gulf and Trying to Convince the GIrl to Go Along With This Whole Travel to the North For Totally Unknown Reasons".  Part of that led to various internet searches to figure out vaguely how fast IS a 17th century schooner anyway?  And what kind of guns does it have?  Seriously, the crunchy rules section on boats in a game with a nautical title is pretty bare bones.  I'm betting that kind of info is in one of the many 1st edition .pdfs I got as part of the Kickstarter.

Anyway, each player attempted to charm and befriend the girl (whose name I don't want to go look up).  Brendan's not-German managed fail spectacularly and leave her convinced he was a Walking Nightmare of Hate and Doom.  Aaron had better results, leaving the girl to think of Yule the farm lad/whaler/shaved bear as something of a kind, big brother figure.  Meaning she wouldn't attempt to swim away in the night or run off the instant they stopped at a port.  And finally Bryon's character used her performance skills to convince the girl to at least consider the whole thing a Big Exciting Adventure with the power of storys.  I also dropped the info on the players that the girl has nightmares and that was part of what led the Daughters to "acquire" her.

We ended the session with the ship reaching its first stop, a decent city on the coast of not-Spain.  There the players pooled their slim cargo profits and remaining Wealth into a Big Expensive Cargo instead of more Reliable Common Cargos.  Which means next session, in addition to the Sea Monster I didn't get to they will also have the opportunity to deal with Pirates Who've Heard of a Big Score.
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Cygniacygnia on November 25th, 2016 11:10 pm (UTC)
Check Ships & Sea Battles among your .pdfs