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25 November 2016 @ 04:06 pm
Pathfinder: Bill Session 4  
With Aaron off again, Bill took over his halfling ghost-rider cavalier.  Much of the first half of game was spent getting back to town with our prisoner, followed by some rest and recuperation.  Then after selling our loot (including finding a buyer for the dimunitive faerie gear) general shopping (mostly for spell writing inks) and info gathering.  Where Bill taunted us with magic items owned by people willing to sell but WAAAAAAAAY out of our 1st level price range.  Yes, we know BIll.  We're NOT playing evil murder hobos who'd just slaughter the townsfolk for the good stuff.  Stop pointing out the ring of force owned by the general store owner.

Then it was back to the frozen woods and eventually a cabin that looks to be the base for a group of bandit/mercenaries.  Likely the low-end fodder for the kidnapping that started us off.  We got some scouting in and then a first strike on one of the bandits who was distracted by a moose (Stomper) chased by an undead wolf (Gnawbones).  And after a round of getting into position, we stopped for the night before the battle could really get going.
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