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19 December 2016 @ 03:13 pm
7th Sea: Session 3  
I may have lost my pre-game notes but I recall they were about a: a sea monster and b: pirates.  We didn't get to that.  Instead they raced in a storm with only light damage to their ship.  And then spent a day in a port doing repairs and gathering info.  Mostly from Aaron's Yule the Bear Ex-Whaler and his family in every town trait.  So they learned that someone (probably the not-French priest) had people looking in every port along the coast for them.  Bryon's Fate Witch got some limited info on said priest from the local contact for the Daughters.  And poor Brendan's soldier guarded the girl and the boat and made note of various people watching said boat.

The Fate Witch then attempted to capture one of the watchers with some seduction and choking-out.  But she was almost captured in turn by one of the other watcher's who clubbed her from behind.  Luckily Bryon still had a Hero point to spend to act while helpless and so was able to draw the attention of the others while stalling the watchers.  So after that they party hurriedly took back to sea.  Where they engaged in a night chase against at least one pursuing ship, and managed to both escape and gain a minor story trait for their ship and crew.  I think I decided on Race the Night, giving the ship a +2 on a single die during any Scene involving sailing at night.
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Cygnia: Stabbycygnia on December 28th, 2016 03:01 pm (UTC)
We're returning to my 1st Ed. 7th Sea game in 2017...*cackles madly*