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23 December 2016 @ 03:54 pm
Pathfinder: Bill Session 6  
Started off with everyone updating our character info for 2nd level for Bill's pc notes.  Then the party headed back to town again, though not before id'ing the magic cloak that was part of the bandit loot.  It was a pretty nice cloak too, a Cloak of the Yeti.  Free endure elements, barkskin and a +2 to intimidate.  So after deciding we'd go with the Buy-In for magic items (where a party member pays or agrees to pay in the future the wholesale value of the item to the group) I ended up picking it up for Gregor, my Hunter.  Then back to town and some "Princess" rescueing story awards and the exchange of piles of looted equipment for goods.  Including another war horse to go with the three we got from the bandits.  Then back to the Woods.

And despite bookkeeping and shopping we still managed to get in multiple encounters before calling the night.  Several Frost Firs, which seem to be cold climate variations on vegepygmies.  And a mephit.  Luckily we mostly made our saves against its spell attacks and it went down to multiple burning hands and ranged attacks.  And a few more of those frost skellies showed up as well.  And we found the remains of one of the local hunters, who seemed to have fallen to a giant weasel of some kind.  Luckily, for us not the dead guy, his gear included a couple of magic arrows with animal bane enchantments that the roommates' Investigator laid claim to.
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