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06 January 2017 @ 05:29 pm
7th Sea: Session 4  
We didn't quite get to the end of the starting mini-campaign.  But its very close.  But first the players attempted to lose any tailing hunters by planting rumors they were heading up past the coast of not-Ireland, when instead they hugged the Southern coast of not-England.  Which led to pirates.  Specifically a trio of pirates in comparable ships.  At first they tried to outrun them, but eventually were boxed in which led to cannon exchanges and a boarding action.  By the players, taking advantage of Karl and Yule's ability to quickly dismantle even large Mobs.  Of course while boarding one ship they kept taking fire from the second, with the third closing fast.  And then were saved by the arrival of a giant sharktopus, which destroyed and devoured the second pirate.  With all signs being that the monster was summoned somehow by the "cargo", the girl Angelina.

After that, aside from a stop-over in not-London for repairs and to sell their captured ship, it was on to Wietz.  While Violetta made contact with local Daughters' head to arrange for delivery, the others had to deal with an angry mob at the ship demanding they turn over the witch-girl.  Amidst the mob was the not-Dutch minor noble behind one of their pursuers.  And when Karl and Yule attempt to cow they mob with their potential deadliness, it instead led to several local champions being called for.  Of course the whole thing was a distraction so that the not-French sorceror could magically steal away the girl.  Not before he got harpooned and lost some fingers to closing a portal too quickly.

After that the players followed the kidnappers to the nobles' town house, where they fought a couple more Brute Squads, exchanged some gunfire and eventually confronted the not-French priest in the midst of some mysterious ritual involving the girl.  They managed to subdue the Villain and halt the ritual, which is where we ended for the night.
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