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03 February 2017 @ 11:08 am
Call of Cthulu: Bryon Session 1  
Had a bit of character building to finish up (mostly me) before we started, but then right into the intro adventure.  Of the Go to Small Town to Meet Person, Where is the Person?  In this case an expert on Native Studies who are trio was supposed to meet before the trip to London that would start the full length adventure (which is the big Orient Express box set).  As stated before the roommate & Frazer are running CoC Wooster & Jeeves.  I decided to sideline the various possiblities I rolled up previously and convert Matsuna "Max" Toshiro, my converted from GURPS: Babylon 5 to CoC.  So giant 1/2 Japanese - 1/2 Hawai'in secretly gay  WW1 veteran marine turned P.I.

A quick drive up from New York to Connecticut and we get to the professor's house.  But no one is home.  The door is open so we head on in.  A quick search doesn't turn up the missing Prof, but we do find our boat tickets and travel papers.  But no sign of violence or a rushed exit.  Though while looking thru his study a maddened grocery clerk throws a rock through the window and attempts to attack.  Max subdues him and keeps him from attacking Wooster & Jeeves with a jagged piece of glass wielded bare-handed.  But Kenny (he had a name tag on his smock) wriggles free and bolts outside.  Where poor Wooster gets to see the local Sheriff blow Kenny's head open without warning.

After that we visit with the Prof's secretary who lives nearby.  She seems worried and harried and is holding something back.  But not even Wooster's charm and offers of a new better paying job get any more details from her.  And Jeeves and I observe her slightly off twin girls.  Who, when they think they're not being watched, go from sweet if gifted little girls to cruel people who verbally tear into their mother.  Very odd.

We finish up with a meal at the main local eatery, Mother's Bakery, a restaurant noted for its wonderful pancakes.  Wooster and I indulge in a meal and aren't poisoned, drugged or turned into Deep Ones.
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