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07 February 2017 @ 03:25 pm
Annual Birthday Board Game Night  
Only managed two games over six hours, but both were large-ish games.  A seven person game of Citadels.  Which Frazer won, just beating me by 3 points, by being the first to complete a full city of seven districts.

And then it was the new edition of Betrayal at the House on the Hill with the Widow's Walk expansion.  Some of the exploits and flaws from the original edition look to be fixed.  Like you can no longer camp in a trait boosting room to maximize it.  So we had a full six players and eventually activated the Haunt at 5 omens, the Vial in the Servant's Quarters.  By me as the Boy.  The Haunt scenario was a new one, "I, Mutant" where I was a mad scientist sending out assistants to capture the escape "monkeys" aka the other Investigators.  My assistants all had mutant powers and so did the Investigators.  It came down to the wire, with me filling the Research Lab with net traps and capturing all but one of the "monkeys".  Who had smashed all but one point on the lab.  Marcus even managed to fall to a trap after rolling SEVEN dice to resist and getting ALL blanks.  But Alyce, as the final Investigator standing, managed to disable all the remaining net traps and allow the next three players to stand back up.  The next two didn't manage any smashing, leaving it all down to Josh's priest.  And by cashing in everything, he managed to smash the last bit of the lab and get everyone out of the mansion.  Though without a cure for their new mutated state.
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