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10 March 2017 @ 02:20 pm
Call of Cthulhu: Bryon Session 2  
After a lengthy scheduling break, we're back to Creepy New England Academic Town.  And we investigate the mystery of Can We Find a Hotel Room?  No we can not.  Both the good and the cheap lodgings are sold out.  Why?  No one knows! (Obviously its Cultist Season and all the Cultists are in town).  We also learn that many local homes and farms are being foreclosed on for seemingly no reason.  So we end up essentially camping in the empty home of our missing professor aquaintince.  Though during the night my Hawai'in Dick sneaks off to check on the secretary and her creepy twins.  One of said twins was spotted washing their hands late at night in a creepy manner.  Sadly the basement window was too small for Max's overly large frame and my lockpicking skills are non-exsistant.

The next day we attempted to report our missing person to the local cops to no effect.  And checked with the grocery store where our deranged and doomed grocery clerk worked.  Minimal gains there as well.  We did notice an ongoing pattern of injury to eyes amongst the townsfolk.  After that we headed out to the farm owned by the local handyman who dragged off Kenny's body last time.  And had a bad reputation.  There we came upon some goons and what looked to be a mob digging a giant hole.  Violence ensued, with the goons drawing knives after mention was made of the rampant pink eye going about.  The mob seemed to be some kind of forced labor and fled the farm after the fight.  And interogation was attempted on the surviving goons but to no avail.  And then we searched the farm, finding a drawer full of assorted key rings, a barn full of cars and eventually a group of filled in giant holes.  Investigation of one revealing it was mass grave.  Leading to more shock and horror to poor, innocent Wooster.
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