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11 May 2017 @ 06:04 am
the Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2  
GotG 2 follows the normal sequel rule of "what you did the first time, but more", but happily is one of the rare occasions where that works.  Its helped in this immensely by the sheer charm of Kurt Russel as Star-Lord's long missing father.  Plus lots of character growth side-stories for most of the cast.  And just how crazy adorable Baby Groot is.

Lots of easter eggs and cameos, with the stand-out probably being Stallone, Ving Rhames and others as Ravager captains/original GotG members.  Though really Mr. Gunn, FIVE post-script scenes?  I left after the Adam Warlock one so missed the teen Groot and SECOND Stan Lee cameo.
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Ellakiteellakite on May 11th, 2017 03:16 pm (UTC)
I actually didn't know Star-Lord's parentage from the comic books, but I was familiar with the comic book version of Kurt Russel's character. So the moment I heard the name of Star-Lord's father, I had a good idea as to how that plot line was going to turn out...
LurkerWithoutlurkerwithout on May 11th, 2017 10:12 pm (UTC)
Unless they retcon it to mesh more with the movies (see Rocket's current comic personality) Star-Lord's parentage has something to do with some obscure race called the Spartoi or Spartax or something.