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28 July 2017 @ 03:03 pm
Pathfinder: Brendan Session 4  
The original plan for this session was to investigate a missing high priest and possible ally.  Instead we learn about a black dragon flying over the city.  So we go to check on that instead.  Yep, big ol' black dragon.  With a rider who we identify as the leader of the Grey Maiden guards and a confidante of the queen.

In the ensuing fight they both fight very..well poorly.  The dragon lands and keeps moving around, not using full attacks, its breath weapon or spells.  And the fighter only attacks to subdue.  Still, with the dragon's high spell resistance, mirror images and armor class its still going slowly.  Eventually the dragon kicks off its rider and attempts to go full out.  But before it can go into full devastation mode Krogar finishes it off.  The lady fighter (Elona, Elena?) surrenders and so we disarm, blindfold and fly her invisibly back to our current base camp.  After some interrogation we learn more about the remaining major NPC baddies, some of the summoned devil support and some partial maps of the castle.  Plus Captain Ex-Girlfriend is willing to change sides, join the rebels and even testify (in whatever legal court the rebels plan on using) on the crimes of the queen.

So dragon bullet point marked off, Grey Maiden bullet point partially marked off and me and the witch get vials of dragon blood to try and blood transcription some new spells from.  And Terry the Cleric didn't even die!

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