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07 August 2017 @ 06:34 am
Maricopa-Con '17  
Went on the roommate's extra guest membership again this year, the I only managed one of the days.  On Sunday I was just exhausted and fell back asleep in the morning.  A small pity, as I'd signed up for a session of Kobolds Ate My Baby! and to try out the board game Abyss.  But Saturday was good.  Played in the GURPS: Trollhunters ongoing again.  This time I was chipper, fanatical priestess of the God of Resurections.  I kind of picture her in a Mormon suit, biking around from dungeon to dungeon, knocking on doors.  Anyway, our group went to the ruins and encountered a band of orcs, led by a troll.  A sizable portion of the orcs were downed by the groups specialized archer, until she got knocked out by a more heavily armored orc.  In preparing for the approaching troll I attempted to boost the health of the dwarf barbarian only to suffer a critical miscast.  Which turned them into a giant naked dwarf.  They gamely tried to wrestle the troll but ended up at -66 hit points.  Still alive and walking at the end of the battle, but yeesh.  Despite several near deaths (including my priestess) the group was victorious and the characters will advance to whoever runs them next.

Later in the evening I got to play the Red Dragon Inn card game.  In that the players are adventurers relaxing at a tavern, spending their loot on booze.  Each player has an adventurer deck, i was Zot the Wizard.  Another player picked Pooky the Bunny, my familiar.  The goal is to force the other players out, either by making them pass out from a combination of damage and drunkeness or by losing all your money.  I managed to help push out the enchantress, the drunken monk, the time wizard, the fighter AND my familiar.  But the shaman managed to block several turns of my attacks on him while right on the edge and come from behind to win.
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