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11 August 2017 @ 02:48 pm
Pathfinder: Brendan Session 5  
More of a prepatory session as we attempted to check off that missing priest bullet point before going after any of the Storm the Castle ones.  But we learned that said missing priest was probably in the castle as his sister is the evil trainer for the Grey Maidens.  So after some Keystone Cops style breaking and entering involving an alarmed door we checked our maps and our spell-load and headed for the roof of the castle.  Where exploring the uppermost level mostly what we found is the fire safety is shockingly poor.  I mean there are rooms storing skeins of whole, alcohol, a granary and oil soaked rags and deitrius all next to each other.  But no combat or encounters as yet.  Except for finding a hidden room with the ghostly remnant of the ex-king's tiefling half-brother who asked us to bring him his bones.  I'm guessing thats to set up a safe camp zone in the castle.  So next time we'll probably be 'porting down to the bottom dungeon level to try and find said bones.
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