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13 August 2017 @ 04:37 pm
Weekly Pull 8/9/17  
the Wicked & the Divine #30: Writer Kieron Gillen, Artist Jamie McKelvie, Colourist Matthew Wilson, Letterer Clayton CowlesFlatter Dee Cunniffe.  Odin is working on a new machine, Baal is searching for Sehkmet still and Dio is trying to get the Morrigan to let him meet with Baphomet.  Oh and Persephone is holed up with Sehkmet.

Mech Cadet Yu #1: Written by Greg Pak, Illustrated by Takeshi Miyazawa, Colored by Triona Farrell & Lettered by SImon Bowland.  Who loves giant robots?  Everyone.  Everyone fucking loves giant robots.

Groo: Play of the Gods #2: by Sergio Aragones, Wordsmith Mark Evanier, Colorists John Ercek & Tom Luth & Letterer Stan Sakai.  Groo, Ahax, Taranto, Taranto's men and the religious missionaries arrive in the new land.  Full of gold and gods.

the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #23: Writer Ryan North, Artist Erica Henderson, Color artist Rico RenziLetterer Travis Lanham.  Nancy kind of flirts with a nice nerdy Latverian lad.  All while everyone tries to nerd-up a solution for the failing Savage Land climate control machinery.

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