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18 August 2017 @ 02:12 pm
Pathfinder: Brendan Session 6  
We shuffled the schedule around since Frazer can't game next week.  So this week saw the group teleporting down to the dungeon level.  Where Matt experimented with scouting using the spell Vomit Twin.  Where the wizard vomit's up a kind of slime duplicate.  Only Matt would build a 15th level Wizard with a spell book with obscure Goblin spells.  But this led us to a trapped room that summoned some kind of evil other-planar Star Children beasties.  That blinded me and Ona the Witch and delivered some punishing Shining Ray attacks.  Bill's Terry the Cleric did manage to cover the group in communal protection from evil so at least they couldn't physically attack.

Eventually (and mostly thanks to Krogar and Thrumm) the Star Children were defeated and we learned that the entire room was basically pointless, though rewarding in the XP sense.  Next time hopefully we can find dem bones.  Which is hopefully a fetch quest that results in a safe resting point in the the castle.

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