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01 September 2017 @ 03:57 pm
Pathfinder: Brendan Session 7  
This session we were down our archwizard as Matt had a previously planned baseball outing with his son.  But we ended up not getting into combat, so that worked out.  Instead we located the missing bones of the dead tiefling noble and returned with them to attic floor.  There new ghost buddy and old ghost guide combined their powers and haunted Harrow (not-Tarot) decks into a Harrow Deck of Many Things.  One where we could spend our Harrow points to cancel out a card and redraw.

For those not familiar with D&D's deck of many things, its basically random draws from a standard 54-card deck where each card has a different magical effect, some good and some bad.  So each of us choose to take the maximum four draws (with Matt getting the chance to choose when he returns next session), which if it weren't for those Harrow point cancels is just NUTS.  Even if I was the only one who pulled disaster cards that had to be avoided, the Idiot which would have drained 3 points from each of my mental stats and one that would have disintegrated me.  I ended up with a true & false vision to be determined later, something called the Theater to be revealed later, an engagement to a genie and a Redo any one choice my character has ever made.

Bill & Eric, among other things, both got the +1 level card.  Aaron ended up with Immunity to fire/Vulnrebility to Acid, +30 base movement (but 3 more forced deck draws), Automatic critical hit confirmation for him and when people crit against him, 4 pet giant ants and then I forget the rest.  Krogar the Fighter is more than a little double-plus bad-ass now; on top of where he was a 15-straight Fighter.

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