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15 September 2017 @ 04:37 pm
Pathfinder: Brendan Session 8  
Started the evening with Matt's wizard Sillius getting his draws from the Harrow deck of many things.  Not surprisingly (and with zero Harrow points of his own remaining) Matt went with the maximum four draws.  For which he got his own ants, his own paladin summoning sword, a level, the speed increase and three extra draws.  Leading to him being permanently blind, losing a level at night and the opportunity to trade his own life potential for magic items from a other-dimensional merchant.  So he aged himself two age categories  and got a headband to compensate for being blind and a belt to compensate for the stat loss of being older.

After that we began to explore the 4th level of the castle.  Well after Bill's cleric Terry healed the blindness of me and the witch.  Then to the exploring.  Led by Sillius in gaseous form using his limited range thoughtsense.  This led to a battle with a horned devil and a group of Red Mantis Assassins.  The devil dealt out some heavy damage early with a fireball and lightning bolt, receiving some return fire from Eric's Thrumm's holy arrows.  Only to then go down with a single critical hit from Frazier's Krogar.  After that the RMAs were just mopping up.

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